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The year is 2020. We are all seeing more clearly (get it?).  The United States won its war to remain an independent nation, and the globalists were all sent packing to their very own mini-country in Antarctica where they are free to live, freeze and continue plotting their world domination. Having witnessed the slow death of Western Civilization at the hands of the E.U., the U.N., and the likes of Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau and the Muslim Brotherhood, the European Union was dissolved, Saudi Arabia was classified an enemy state, and the preservation of local cultures via strong National identity is the latest craze.

Yet despite this positive direction, certain billionaires and race baiters continue to fight their political turf wars at the expense of dividing nations.  In response, the United States finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

On July 4, 2020 the President of the United States along with unanimous bipartisan support from both houses of congress, made the following speech to the American people.

“Today, with the implementation of two new bills, I announce the end of civil disarray in America. The first bill is the immediate closure and outlawing of ALL political non-profit groups and action committees. This bill includes the enforcement of laws against political crimes heretofore ignored, and the expulsion and/or imprisonment of political criminals previously regarded as too powerful to prosecute. These actions are already underway.”

“The second bill is called the Re-Zoning of America Act. By this day next year, the United States will be geographically divided into TEN zones. You the American people will each have your choice as to in which Zone you wish to permanently reside, provided you meet the criteria of that zone.

The ZONES are as follows:

– Zone A: Blacks Only Zone
– Zone B: Whites Only Zone
– Zone C: Hispanics Only Zone
– Zone D: Asians Only Zone
– Zone E: Muslims Only Zone
– Zone F: Gays/Lesbians Only Zone
– Zone G: Women/Girls Only Zone
– Zone M: Miscellaneous Zone – Any “label” not covered in Zones A thru G

– Zone P: Prison Zone – People who cannot coexist peacefully with others in any zone or society in general will reside here, in the “dog eat dog” zone.

– Zone T: Total Tolerance Zone – Anybody and everybody is welcome in Zone T, provided they respect each other’s space, privacy and life-style.

NOTE: In Zone T, the law strictly prohibits using racial, religious, gender and/or sexual-orientation labels to identity, politicize, give preferential treatment, discriminate, exempt, divide or differentiate the citizens of Zone T in any way.  This is a live and let live community where all who don’t hurt, control, or impose their life-style on others are welcomed and considered equals.

“In closing, please identify in priority order your TOP THREE CHOICES of in which Zone you would like to reside. Your prompt response will allow us to properly size each zone.”

So homies, which Zone would YOU choose?


Mary and Jennifer

Mary and Jennifer applied for the same job. Mary had a graduate degree but no experience and came across as a bit confrontational. Jennifer had an under-graduate degree, two years of experience, and demonstrated good people skills. Who would you hire?

Mary and Jennifer both starred in a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Jennifer had a more difficult role than Mary, appeared on screen twice as long as Mary, and was the primary box-office draw. To whom would you pay more money?

Mary and Jennifer are both up for the same promotion to become Branch Manager. Mary was in her position twice as long as Jennifer and was perceived as “Meets Expectations”. Jennifer was in her role half as long as Mary but was twice as productive and effective and was constantly rated “Exceeds Expectations”. Who would you promote?

Now, replace the name “Jennifer” with “Bob”, and take the quiz again. Will your answers change?

There are people out there whose sole purpose is to create and perpetuate divisiveness between the sexes, the races, the social and economic classes, the gender orientations, the religions, and the political affiliations. They have no interest in solving the issues. They only want to keep us divided. You are either a part of their movement, or you are against it. May we stand up for individualism and judge people on their behavior, integrity and kindness. And if you’ve not yet had the opportunity to observe these traits in a person, let’s not judge them at all. Forgive the cliché, but united we stand, divided we fall. And once we are down, like a swarm of locusts in the night will flock the oppressors who will keep us down. Peace, love, dove homies.