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Putin:    So Donald, what did you want to talk about?

Trump:  Well first, we need to stave off the witch-hunt regarding this collusion crap.

Putin:    Haha, yes Donald, you certainly have some, hmmm, what’s the word? ah yes, dickheads in your government.

Trump:  You and I know there was no collusion or meddling, but they’re out to screw me and the American people in the process.

Putin:    Donny, why haven’t you charged Soros with treason like we have, and banish him from your country???

Trump:  Sessions is working on it.  We’re close.  Hilary first, then Obama, then Soros.

Putin:    Good.  So, how about this Donny?  We’ll say that you pressed me several times on the election meddling, and I denied it an equal number of times, and we found ourselves in a Mexican stand-off.

Trump:  Vladimir, I don’t think the phase “Mexican stand-off” is politically correct.

Putin:    Donny, Donny, this is Russia, hahaha!  That said, what do you REALLY want to talk about?

Trump:  I think you know my friend.  How do we and our governments work together to end ISIS, and to expose and end the global child-sex-trafficking industry?

Putin:    You took the words right out of my mouth my friend.  Let us begin.


It’s Debatable

My Dad was one of a family of twelve growing up in a railroad apartment in Brooklyn. He graduated high school, and then joined the Army, and then the Navy. Upon returning to civilian life, he got a job as a deckhand on a tugboat in the Army Corp of Engineers working the New York harbor.

When I was five, my family moved to a blue-collar, factory town in New Jersey, where I grew up. It had its tough moments with fist fights and bullies, but we always kept it real.

My father was honest to a fault and not always an easy man to warm up to, especially if you were the sensitive type. He called it like he saw it, which often meant calling bullshit right to the face of someone telling a lie or trying to sell him a load of crap. He may not have spoken with eloquence, and may have used the word “good” when he should have said “well”, but his message was always crystal clear. Me, being the sensitive type, and he clashed a lot back then, but as I aged and accumulated my own wisdom, I saw the value and courage in his integrity, and came to witness how vital his brand of honesty was if society was not to self-destruct.

Last night in the first presidential debate, Donald Trump reminded me of my Dad; a fish out of water in a land ruled by cutthroat liars, character assassins, and hijacked politicians that without a sense of right or wrong will cut you to shreds and bury the pieces never to be found. Trump spoke without eloquence, called bullshit a lot, and sometimes got it wrong. Meanwhile his opponent said all the right things; the things that roll off the tongues of professional politicians like glistening droplets of venom dripping from the mouth of a cobra; the things that are always promised but in the end never delivered.

As a people, we’ve apparently developed a taste for these hollow promises, as long as they are slick and shiny. We are led by an example that says it’s okay to cheat and lie. Our government and political system is not broken. It’s working just as it’s been rigged to work. We see and ignore and feel helpless, as too many powerful people teach us that the end justifies the means, and where we once saw heroes step up to save the day, we now only see accomplices to the corruption. How can an unpolished business man trying to do the right thing for America ever succeed in such a sinister landscape? As a society, we are like a person who goes to the same diner and eats the same meal every day of his life. It keeps him alive, but it tastes like shit.

By the way, my Dad worked on those tugboats all his life, but he didn’t retire as a deckhand. He retired as Captain.

Trump… a racist?

I take pride in evolving (a popular word these days…) my position and opinion in response to new facts and evidence. In fact, I often wish I had been wise enough to have refrained from holding foundationless opinions to begin with. But I guess that’s why they are called opinions.

These days, opinions spread like a lit match in a field of straw on the driest day of the year. They take on a life of their own, and like the “telephone game”, their origins get lost and distorted.  After all, it’s a lot easier to rampage with your peers than it is to stand alone for the truth; especially these days when the mobs can so easily shut you down thanks to the social media we have all naively validated as gospel.  No need, time or interest to debate on a cerebral level when emotional volatility makes for such better optics.  Be very wary when pressured to surf the opinion landslide, for it just may be you who gets buried beneath.

I am willing to evolve my opinion of Donald Trump, and I reach out to the “Trump haters” to provide me the evidence I need. I believe that Trump is NOT a racist, and I invite you to convince me otherwise.

If you would be so kind, please comment to this blog/post with EXACT quotes of Trump spewing racism followed by the date and place when and where he made those EXACT quotes. These should be very clear examples of HATRED for people due to their race. They should NOT be quotes that you INFERRED were racist, or that your peer group tells you are racist, or that were purposely taken out of context. I’m willing to change, so change me. Please don’t send links and videos; I’ll research those on my own once I get your quotes.  If… I get your quotes.

Lastly, since we’re probing for truth here, I would suggest to you that your time and passions would be better served, if you were to detach from your emotions for a moment, and ponder this question.  Why are such an overwhelming number of Americans supporting for President someone who is seemingly unpresidential in so many ways?  I’ll give you a hint, they are NOT stupid, and they are NOT racist.  Figure this one out, and you may begin to evolve YOUR opinions.

Peace, love, dove homies.

Why I Like Donald Trump

There is a segment of the American people comprised of different skin-colors, national origins, accents and even languages who for the majority of their lives have done the right thing and played by the rules of our republic and its constitution. These are the folks whose voices are never heard amidst the din of rude, disruptive and violent protesters who wish to suppress the viewpoints of others by forcing their message and their message ONLY down the throats of the followers they’ve zombified into submission. This is not dialogue. This is duct-tape over our mouths.

The Americans I refer to listen to that voice inside of them, their conscience, and believe in playing fair and being honest, because they know that unlike the less scrupulous, they can’t turn that voice off, nor would they ever want to. For these folks, there is no reward or reason for living in cheating, lying or hurting to get ahead.

These people are the TRUE BACKBONE OF AMERICA. They were taught and believe to this day that you get what you earn, and you had better well do it with honor and dignity. You don’t hear much about these quiet heroes, but many of us, in fact our entire country depends on them. They are the ones who work, or are honestly trying to find a job, day after year after decade after lifetime. They drag themselves out of bed morning after morning and earn their wage; many working two jobs or more to survive. You don’t know about them because they don’t have time to protest. When they’re not at work, they’re driving their kids to after-school activities or doctor appointments, or tending to their sick and aging loved ones, or trying to improve their homes or apartments, and when they can, let loose at a baseball game. All the while, these silent workers are paying their taxes in good faith, so that their government can do the right thing and help them and their brothers and sisters who may be in dire straits.

Year after decade, the backbone of America watched corruption ooze out of their government and its dubious contributors like some toxic pus making them choke a little more each day. They watched their banks play ponzi schemes with their retirement funds. They observed decisions in the House and Senate that served others while piling even more of the burden onto their aching shoulders. They observed their president apologize for America to foreign governments, while they thought, why aren’t we being praised and appreciated for funding our government, instead we are apologized for? They watched their IRS under their president’s watch penalize the organizations that might otherwise defend the backbone. They saw the disregard for human life by this administration as they watched the lies and cover-up surrounding Benghazi, and are further demoralized when the despicable criminal who trades government favors for donations is now leading in polls to become our next president. The backbone scratches its head when a racially biased president and attorney-general condemn a cop who shoots a thug who had just robbed a store and is now charging the officer. They learn that their social-security accounts have been pilfered by an irresponsible government. They stand by as their individual liberties are threatened by some bigger power that they just can’t put their finger on.

The backbone of America, whether black, white, Indian, Mexican, Asian or other, works and sacrifices their lives to support a stage upon which others dance. And they have done this without protest for years. But they have been doing this in a pressure cooker.

Finally, we see a candidate who is more like us; who is not a political shyster. Who may trip on his words, but his meaning is clear and sincere. Who has worked his ass off to get what he has now, and at the age of 70 continues to work as hard as anyone we’ve known. A candidate who sees the same abuses, biases, and corruption that we, the backbone of America, have seen all of our lives, BUT FOR ONCE… this candidate is NOT part of that sinister system. This candidate, like us, seems to want to do the right thing.

To all of you who have worked and sacrificed and remained quietly funding America, how does it feel when you’ve tried to speak out only to be called haters, and racists, and violent and xenophobes by some of the very people whose educations and housing and medical care you’ve funded. How does it feel when any action to do the right thing is twisted and mischaracterized by the government/big-money-progressives/media co-opts. I’ll tell you how it feels. It feels like the pressure-cooker is about to explode.

I feel bad for Donald Trump. The anti-America complex will do anything to shut him down. The high-level scum-bags with their fangs in your necks sucking your blood will not quietly relinquish their cushy seats on the corruption bus. No, they want things to remain just as they are. They want an inside politician to be our next president; someone they can control, so the backbone can continue to bleed, and the abusers can continue to dance.

Yeah, I feel bad for Donald Trump.  They’re out to get him.  But I feel much worse for America.  Peace, love, dove homies.

My Endorsement for President

I unwaveringly endorse Donald Trump for president. Unlike every other candidate, he speaks his mind unscripted, he is not bought by and beholding to special interests, and he’d rather see America become a powerful nation again than an apologetic weak link diluted in a global chain. Yeah, he fucks up big time when he speaks, but he’s being honest and spontaneous, and when he trips on his words, he explains his meaning afterwards. He doesn’t hate Mexicans. Anyone who thinks that is a puppet of our corrupted media. He explained that just as Cuba did decades ago (remember Scarface), the Mexican govt or whoever runs that country, seeks to expel many of their unwanted into our country. I have no preference or aversion to skin color or national origin. I judge people on their character, attitude and BEHAVIOR. Illegal immigration is illegal. Do you want it to be legal?  Do you want there to be no border control? Ok, then say so! Start lobbying for that. Reply to this post stating that you wish to abolish border control and our current imigration system.  I DARE YOU!  And better yet, why don’t you try sneaking over the border into another country? See what kind of amnesty and sanctuary city they give you. Trump has proven he can get things done.  The fact that he pisses people off, proves that he is not paralysed by “fear of offending” and vote mongering.  Our president and our Congress and their culvert puppeteers have proven they cannot do the tough jobs, at least, not for us and the America we remember and love. Go Donald! You’ve got my vote. You want hope and change, homies?  Well finally, you may have a chance.  Peace, love, dove!