It’s Time To Fight Back


— Opinion by Bass Manski – SHARE if you agree —

I believe President Trump is rocking the boat of a deeply entrenched criminal shadow-government consisting of, among others, Soros, Moore, Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Perez, and others hidden even deeper behind the scenes. I believe Trump was told to play ball, but he wouldn’t, so the deep state is being smoked out of its burrow and is finally showing its ugly face. I believe this deep-state government is neck-deep in a global pedophilia child-trafficking ring, and Trump wants to shut them down, so they are desperate to shut him down first.

In the case of Obama and Rice’s illegal surveillance and unmasking of the Trump campaign, several people have commented that yet again justice will not be served. If that continues to be the case, then a message more tangible than a FB post may need to be sent to the Soros/Obama/Moore syndicate. Perhaps when their paid rioters arrive via busloads to shut down freedom-of-speech at another town hall, one of them needs to made an example of by some American patriots using the same guerilla-warfare tactics employed by Obama’s OFA and Soros’ Shareblue and Moore’s resistance movement. A message needs to be sent that this shit is going to stop – one way or another! If we continue to do nothing, the shadow government will evolve to become our ONLY government (assuming it’s not that way already!).

The good, common-sense people in our country must remember that, although we do not make a public spectacle of ourselves on national media, there are MORE OF US than there are of them, and we have GOOD on our side, as well as a reason to fight that’s bigger than graft, power-lust and blackmail. If push comes to shove, we will no longer be quiet, and we WILL win. KEEP THE FAITH. May good prevail.


The Time for Apathy Is Over

The Time for Apathy Is Over


Editorial by Bass Manski – SHARE if you agree

A 14 year old freshman girl was gang-raped in her high school bathroom by two classmates, 17 and 18 years-old. One rapist was in the country illegally due to the city’s sanctuary policy. Both men were in the high school as freshmen!!! The young girl was raped, sodomized and forced to perform oral sex. But as horrific as this act by these two savages was, THERE IS YET A WORSE ATTROCITY.

The news medias of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC refused to air a single minute on this story. WHY? Because it goes against their anti-Trump mission. Because those networks are no longer the outlets for honest journalism. They are propaganda tools for those who are DESPERATE to shut down Trump. WHY?

Later today, I will post the answer to WHY? Many will scoff and refuse to believe something so preposterous, even though I’ll provide links to evidence. Believe me, I didn’t want to believe it either. I’m a pretty smart and pragmatic guy. As a young adult, I took the Wechsler Intelligence Test and scored just below 130, which is just below “genius” or “gifted”. I tell you this to assure you that I am not stupid or gullible, when I say that I cannot find any proof to debunk what I’m about to post. If you ever wanted to stop “following” me, now is the time.

What’s happening behind the scenes and in the shadows is no longer political. It’s something very ugly… and incredibly dangerous. The time for apathy is over.

GOOD NEWS (and some bad news) for Friday!

GOOD NEWS (and some bad news) for Friday

The Kent State basketball team members each pulled two fans of differing races from the crowd to stand with them arm-in-arm in unity and respect, as the National Anthem played. They plan to do this for every game. Go Kent State!!!

Chad Prather has a great video characterizing the millennial protesters as kids who always won trophies, were never told “no”, and don’t know why they’re protesting except that “they don’t feel good”. He’s received immense positive response, including several parents planning to reconsider giving their money to these universities that are a part of the problem. I personally believe that most millennials are level-headed and trying to do the right thing in a confusing world.  However, as a parent myself having witnessed the liberal brainwashing versus any positive effect provided by these HIGH-COST educations, if I had it do over again, I think young adults might be better off if they have to work for their own educations; ya know, like we evil, racist, low-life baby-boomers had to. Uh, unless of course they choose to go to Kent State!

Kanye West in front of a LARGE concert audience in San Jose throws his support behind Donald Trump! Kanye, I officially no longer think you’re an ass. I now think you’re just half-an-ass.

Saving the best for last, Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen said Wednesday he is preparing a bill that would create a new crime of “economic terrorism” that would allow felony prosecution of protesters who block streets, cause property damage, threaten jobs and put public safety at risk. My fellow homies, let’s get behind Doug and recommend the same bill to our own state and federal representatives. These protests were preplanned, funded and incited by George Soros, Michael Moore (look at his FB page!) and others hell bent on dividing America and demoting our exceptional nation to a second-rate state subordinate to the U.N. which they will influence!!  These devilgogues (yep, I just invented that word!) are playing on the naiveté of our young people, and our young people don’t even that they are selling out their own future!

OK, and now some bad news… sorry.

President-Elect Trump is filling cabinet and advisory positions more quickly and pragmatically than any president in the last 30 years. So why does the NY Times report that the Trump team is in disarray and taking too long to make appointments? Hint: follow the money and discover for yourself who the NY Times really works for.

While we’re on the subject, the cable “news” shows this morning were busy talking and speculating about Trump’s appointees who thus far have been very strong and capable. That is, except for CNN whose focus was that “Trump is picking white men.” Thank you CNN for your constant efforts to keep racism alive and well in America! Morning Joe on MSNBC had an editor of Time magazine praising Obama for assuring the American people everything would be OK. REALLY?!

While we’re on that subject… When a white cop shot a black man, Obama and Eric Holder were all over it in a manner that enflamed racial tensions and ultimately contributed to the Ferguson and Baltimore riots. Why? Because it helped to DIVIDE America. Fast forward to NOW. When rioters in Portland, Seattle and other cities are breaking windows, burning cars, destroying property, hurting people (and each other), and blocking traffic, what does Obama say on national TV from Germany yet? He says, it’s OK to protest. Why? Because to condemn the rioting would UNITE America.  And… WHERE IS AG LYNCH WHEN AMERICA NEEDS THE DOJ TO INTERVENE ON THESE CRIMINAL RIOTS?  Hint: Research what she’s doing with the U.N. and come to your own conclusions.

Lastly, and sadly, the following post was made on social media. In fairness, it could be a fake, but it could also be very real. The potential for this kind of tragedy is a by-product of inciting people to riot. Note, that I said “riot”, not protest. I support and encourage peaceful and non-destructive protests, especially when the cause is valid, as opposed to paid-agitators advancing an anti-America agenda. Anyway, here’s that post.  If it is true, Michael Moore and George Soros, you have blood on your hands.

I have to unfacebook for a few days. I had a patient die during a transfer last night because our ambulance was stopped by protesters and had to drive an extra 45 minutes around the blocked roads. I can’t today. They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter.

There are people who build up America, and people who tear down America.  We all have a choice.  Peace, love, dove homies.


The World Needed Today

Thank you Pope Francis for saying the words that most of us in this world have been starving to hear for so long. By way of your pragmatic address to the world from a U.N. podium and via your interfaith prayer service at Ground Zero, you have achieved what our leaders of countries and corporations will not, cannot, or do not. You have articulated what is in the hearts of the overwhelming majority of the people of our planet; an energy that if harnessed could shatter the paradigm that good people are powerless and topple the establishments of power, greed and evil.

Me personally, I was left humbled and ashamed; but I also felt resurrected by optimism, hope and that overdue reminder that we are not our governments; we are not the media; and we are not the evil slime that comprises 1% of the population yet gets 99% of the attention. WE ARE THE PEOPLE, AND WE HAVE THE POWER!  All we need now is the courage.

In a way, I pity many of our leaders and several of our presidential candidates, for I believe that at this very moment millions of us across the planet are comparing them and their message to Pope Francis; and need I say, in some cases, that contrast is as stark as good versus evil. You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate the Pope’s message. You just have to be a fundamentally good person. May we all continue to see the world as a country and Pope Francis as our President. Peace, love, dove homies.