Muslim versus Islamist – A Differentiation


Muslim versus Islamist – A Differentiation


— OPINION by Bass Manski — SHARE (copy & paste) if you agree —

Linda Sarsour, a Hamas-tied and prominent Women’s March leader, Islamic supremacist, and anti-Semite, has called for a “jihad” against President Trump. To Linda, who is enjoying the freedoms that so many Americans worked, fought and died for, I offer the following sentiments.

You are a racist, xenophobic, intolerant disgrace to women worldwide. You have the gall to attack MY president; to call him a white supremacist. WHAT IS YOUR UNDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE? Go back to a Sharia Law country where you can be stoned to death for having an affair. Where as a child your genitalia can be mutilated. Where as a woman you can be legally raped by multiple husbands, and if you complain about it, you can be put to death. You sicken those of us who have worked, fought and BELIEVE IN these United States. Who the HELL invited you here?! Get out if you don’t like it. Changing our country is NOT a privilege you’ve earned. Linda Sarsour, you are NO Malala Yousafzai, nor are you Lydia Pogu or Joy Bishara. You, Linda, are a demagogue and a coward.

We in the U.S. are a tolerant people. Those who wish to subvert the U.S. into a global state subordinate to something like the E.U. will paint a different picture of who we are for the gullible masses that feed on TV and social media. I look at the situation as Muslims versus Islamists; those who practice their beliefs in private or in their mosque while able to respect American values and integrate into our society, versus those who live according to a brutal ideology based on a radical and violent interpretation of a Quran whose context is one-thousand-four-hundred years old. The latter are the jihadists. THESE are the savages. THESE, Linda, are the ones you should speak out against, but then it’s so much easier to take cheap shots at the president of a country you hate yet affords you the freedom to spew such trash, especially when it’s the latest pop-culture craze of the weak, cowardly and clueless.

There are many Muslims who appreciate the United States and complement, not obliterate, its culture. But then, there are too many others like the Islamic judge who made a Christian women study the Quran as her punishment, and the Islamic worshippers blocking a Brooklyn street to conduct their prayer services over loud speakers with NO regard for anyone else living in the community, or the jihadists like you Linda. These are the people who put their ideology first and foremost over EVERYTHING and ANYTHING; the Islamists who choose not to assimilate but to colonize, who choose NOT to speak out against ISIS and terrorism, who support Sharia Law, and whose mission in life is the proliferation of Islam as the world’s single religion.

If pointing this out makes me xenophobic, then I wear that title proudly. I’m sick and tired of remaining quiet, as should you be! Our country and Constitution were founded on and incorporated Judeo-Christian values, NOT Sharia Law. If it was based on Sharia law, the social liberties and personal freedoms that so many of us cherish, especially the Left, would NOT exist. If you think it is challenging to be gay or trans-gender in our society today, try doing so in an Islamic country practicing Sharia Law. If you think there is not a religious war happening in our world right now, talk to the survivors, if there are any left, of the Christian genocides happening in several Middle East countries.

All who would condemn me for having the courage to speak out against the obvious should read up on Sharia Law. There are other Muslim judges and even a Muslim running for governor who believe in Sharia Law. Yes, in most states it is against our laws to practice Sharia Law, but so are illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, and we see how the Globalize America Coup is ignoring and fighting those U.S. laws. God help us if under the decoy of religious tolerance the Left shames us into accepting Sharia Law here in our United States. That said, keep an eye on Michigan and Minnesota.

Too many weak people brainwashed by the Soros/Obama globalization coup will lash out at me, but will remain cowardly silent about female genital mutilation (it’s happening here folks), the Sharia killing of gays, the degradation and enslavement of women, and the throat-slashing, burning and torture of infidels. Tell me, is there a group or FB page called “Muslims against Sharia Law” or “Muslims against ISIS”. Does such a group exist? I know that peaceful Muslims have marched against ISIS in the past, but our propaganda media (CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc) ignored it. Answer this Linda Sarsour, WHY?

If good Muslims don’t speak out against ISIS and the genocide of Christians, don’t fault good Americans for filling that absence of information with fear.

The U.S. needs more Muslims like Zuhdi Jasser who appeal for reason and intervention by the Muslim clerics. We need less leftist activists like Linda Sarsour, or soon it may be our granddaughter’s genitalia being mutilated per Sharia Law.

Praying for peace is no longer sufficient. American patriots, your country is slipping away from you. Peace loving Muslims, you MUST speak out and differentiate yourselves from the Islamic savages. We want you, the former, to add to our American culture, but being an American requires commitment and courage, so earn it. Stand up. Speak out. Let’s stop the murder and inhumanity of Sharia Law TOGETHER. Peace.


White Like Me?

Chapter One

“White. Black. Hispanic. Asian. I knew if we left these humans alone long enough, they’d mess things up”, said the creator. Ashley, his young and ambitious protégée nodded in eager agreement.

“Sir….” she cooed in her soft British accent, “I have an idea if you’re willing to entertain it”. The creator, weary, nodded.

“Well, the humans have taken to categorizing their species by a symbolic color. White people aren’t really white, except of course for albinos, and black people aren’t actually black. Likewise, hispanic and asian as labels are far too general and misleading.” Ashley waited for a sign from the creator to continue. She got it.

“Ok then, I suggest we do a global delete on those labels from human society at large. We can agree later on a finite set of skin colors to serve as a descriptive attribute”, urged Ashley.

“Yes”, chirped the creator, now visibly engaged. Sounding eerily like Dumbledore, he volunteered, “I’ve always liked the Crayola crayon colors! Why don’t we use apricot, peach, maze, tan, raw sienna, red orange, red, chestnut, olive, tan, sepia, copper, light brown, brown and dark brown!”. His excitement was obvious.

“Uh… sure sir. That’s fine for now, but can we agree to discuss further?” asked Ashley treading lightly. With the self-accepting grin of an old mentor, the creator nodded. “Ok, thank you sir” continued Ashley.

“The humans will no longer check off whether someone is black, white and so on when filling out employment or government forms. No more media, entertainment and organizations catering to one label versus another; an entire erase of that mind-set”.

“I like it”, said the creator. “Anything else?”

“Yes sir”, replied Ashley. “And this is… a bit radical. It’s become clear to me as I observe the evolution of enlightenment amongst many and the decline into evil by some, that the old over-generalizations of good versus evil have become…. well, reality.”

“Go on”. The creator was now transfixed.

“Sir, I contest the species known as homosapien, or human being, is no longer relevant. We need a sub-classification to formally recognize the good versus the evil. I’m recommending that beneath the species of ‘human’ we add two ‘families’ – righteous and heartless, and that we ‘allow’, wink wink, the humans to stumble upon a genetic test that clearly identifies one from the other.”

“Hmmm, how would you define Righteous versus Heartless”, quizzed the creator.

“I see it in simple terms, sir”, offered Ashley. “The Righteous hold in sacred reverence the sanctity of life, freedom, and happiness of all living things, and they respect that they are equal with one another and can learn and benefit from one another. The Heartless are self-absorbed and self-serving with no regard for human or animal life. They hurt and kill liberally and without remorse, and their sole motivations are power and greed. They seek to control and rule over others”.

“Ok Ashley, I’m on board”, said the creator. “Why don’t you draft an implementation plan. We can review it when you’re ready.”

With humility, and righteousness, Ashley nodded, and smiled.

To be continued…

Rock n Roll

As I sit here recovering from our Black Friday gig, I can’t help recalling the immortal words of the inventor of ex-lax when he said, “I’m getting too old for this shit”.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to perform, I love to entertain, and I cherish the friendships in our band. I think this particular group of people is very special in that, when it comes to rock n roll, we are children who never grew up and never became jaded with regard to the joy of music and performing. Every new song that we learn is a rebirth of that feeling. Every gig is a new adventure that further bonds five good friends. Every trip to the diner at 2:00 AM when the gig is done is an unspoken celebration of “Hey! We pulled it off! Again…!”

My body doesn’t share that love. Lugging and loading all my equipment and playing mega sets leaves me feeling the way Jamal Charles must feel the day after a 200-yard game. Only I’m sure Jamal springs back in a fraction of the time I do.

I’m closing in on 60 years of age, and my desire is that someday my daughters will say, “My Dad was still playing in a rock band when he was sixty!” Me personally? I would like that too, but in a few years I doubt that I’ll remember what the hell I did when I was sixty, haha!

My daughter and wife asked me the other day, what I would do if I retired from performing. With a deadpan expression I replied, “Oh, I’ll probably wander off into the woods and die”. (They both laughed, btw.)

I feel I’m winding down a long string of major experiences in my life that have run the spectrum from debilitating tragedy to extreme exhilaration and sense of achievement. I don’t feel a need to keep that going anymore. I don’t feel a need to try and top the previous adventure. For me, the next plateau is finding a peaceful place in my own skin to curl up in a ball like a cat in a comfy bed; a place to savor the moments and not worry about the years. Peace, love, dove homies.

Autumn 2014

Autumn is saying hello to central Jersey today, and I for one love it! Blasting from nuclear ice-buckets in the troposphere, 45 MPH winds flip the Jersey bird to our Anderson windows. My barbeque-grill cover flaps wildly like Jane Mansfield’s scarf on a Sunday drive. Somewhere locked in the dusty cellar I call my head, Eva Cassidy drones the words of Autumn Leaves like a tortured angel. And outside, the leaves peak in their brilliant sunset dance, as they spiral toward the sky hoping to make this moment last forever. Ah, if only to escape the inevitable and remain suspended in the “now”; especially now, when we’re just starting to live. The wind continues to whip the house, and the screens shutter with anxiety. As for me, I’m laundering my Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt. Got a game today, homies.