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The year is 2020. We are all seeing more clearly (get it?).  The United States won its war to remain an independent nation, and the globalists were all sent packing to their very own mini-country in Antarctica where they are free to live, freeze and continue plotting their world domination. Having witnessed the slow death of Western Civilization at the hands of the E.U., the U.N., and the likes of Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau and the Muslim Brotherhood, the European Union was dissolved, Saudi Arabia was classified an enemy state, and the preservation of local cultures via strong National identity is the latest craze.

Yet despite this positive direction, certain billionaires and race baiters continue to fight their political turf wars at the expense of dividing nations.  In response, the United States finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

On July 4, 2020 the President of the United States along with unanimous bipartisan support from both houses of congress, made the following speech to the American people.

“Today, with the implementation of two new bills, I announce the end of civil disarray in America. The first bill is the immediate closure and outlawing of ALL political non-profit groups and action committees. This bill includes the enforcement of laws against political crimes heretofore ignored, and the expulsion and/or imprisonment of political criminals previously regarded as too powerful to prosecute. These actions are already underway.”

“The second bill is called the Re-Zoning of America Act. By this day next year, the United States will be geographically divided into TEN zones. You the American people will each have your choice as to in which Zone you wish to permanently reside, provided you meet the criteria of that zone.

The ZONES are as follows:

– Zone A: Blacks Only Zone
– Zone B: Whites Only Zone
– Zone C: Hispanics Only Zone
– Zone D: Asians Only Zone
– Zone E: Muslims Only Zone
– Zone F: Gays/Lesbians Only Zone
– Zone G: Women/Girls Only Zone
– Zone M: Miscellaneous Zone – Any “label” not covered in Zones A thru G

– Zone P: Prison Zone – People who cannot coexist peacefully with others in any zone or society in general will reside here, in the “dog eat dog” zone.

– Zone T: Total Tolerance Zone – Anybody and everybody is welcome in Zone T, provided they respect each other’s space, privacy and life-style.

NOTE: In Zone T, the law strictly prohibits using racial, religious, gender and/or sexual-orientation labels to identity, politicize, give preferential treatment, discriminate, exempt, divide or differentiate the citizens of Zone T in any way.  This is a live and let live community where all who don’t hurt, control, or impose their life-style on others are welcomed and considered equals.

“In closing, please identify in priority order your TOP THREE CHOICES of in which Zone you would like to reside. Your prompt response will allow us to properly size each zone.”

So homies, which Zone would YOU choose?


The Black Vote

If I were a person with skin-color a beautiful shade of brown, I would be insulted when news anchors, political pundits and media-shills lump me into a box called “the black vote”.  In fact I’d be offended by Black Entertainment Television, Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and other race-based institutions, for refusing to acknowledge me as an individual, but instead implying that I should be thinking, believing and behaving in lock-step with every other brown-skinned American.

But the thing that would most irate me, is that by perpetually labeling and categorizing me, they have pummeled into my brain the message that I am different from “whites” and other races. By the way, I’d also resent the label “black” because in addition to the aforementioned, my skin-color is not black, so stop trivializing me!

The so-called activists will argue that blacks have been compartmentalized as a result of being treated differently by whites.  Are blacks compartmentalized because other races treat them differently, or do other races treat blacks differently because black leaders and activists insist on homogenizing, handicapping and quarantining their people.  Ironically, the chronic differentiating of black-vs-white and the playing-of-the-race-card by black leaders creates a sense of segregation in our country.

As a “white” person, I reject that label too because, for one thing, I am not white (except when I’m really hung over), and I resent being marginalized into a stereotype. Am I expected to think the same way as the white person standing next to me because we share a similar shade of skin color? Hell no! I am an individual with a mind open to what today can bring. Yesterday is forever gone. I can let the screw-ups of my forefathers forever hold me back, or I can say, I am not them, and today I will be brave, I will be positive, and I will do at least one thing, no matter how big or small, that I can be proud of.

And then suddenly, ever so slightly, a power-source long since dead and cold begins to glow again.

Ask yourselves my brothers and sisters of ALL colors, what good comes to us by being divided as a people? What happiness? What peace? The answer is obvious. NONE. I believe that in our truest of hearts, we are not as divided as the activists and the media and the abusers-of-power would have us believe. Yes, some really bad things have happened in the past to all races and all people. But today, my friends, WE ARE BEING PLAYED.

There may come a day when our country, our constitution, and our freedom will be challenged in a way that will make today’s animosities seem like petty disagreements. I believe this threat is real and is being carried out today right under our noses. Just as a computer can be hacked turning its operating-system against itself, so can a government, an education system, a religion, a military, the laws, an economy, and the people. Is it so unimaginable that a sociopath with endless wealth, a god-complex, and an unhinged ideology could amass followers and resources to infiltrate, corrupt and hijack a country from within? If we continue to be divided as a people, and such an event happens, we will fall like dominos. If such an event happens, and we are afraid, unarmed and unprepared to respond as a unified people, we will indeed be lumped into a box.

So, what can we do now, today? How can we as individuals begin to change the world and alter an otherwise bleak future? It starts with you, the individual, NOT the label. Open your minds and more significantly your ears. Listen for and recognize divisive messaging, and reject it. Refuse to be segregated!

People will say “whites are bad”, “blacks are bad”, “democrats are bad”, “republicans are bad”, “the rich are bad”, “the lower class are bad”, “the liberals are bad”, “the conservatives are bad”, “wall street is bad”, “capitalism is bad”, “socialism is bad”, “police are bad”, “Latinos are bad”, “Asians are bad”, “Muslims are bad”, “infidels are bad”, “Jews are bad”, “Catholics are bad”… They’re all bad, bad, bad, bad, bad….

SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only truly bad people are those who hurt, control, manipulate and exploit others. Those who are so blindly self-indulging that they do not recognize the miracle of our existence, and that there must surely be payback waiting at the next level.

So in ending my rant, please remember that when someone tries to lump you into a group or turn you against a different group, you are an individual, and you have a choice. As for me, I’m gonna play a little Howard Tate and chill. Peace, love, dove homies.

White Like Me?

Chapter One

“White. Black. Hispanic. Asian. I knew if we left these humans alone long enough, they’d mess things up”, said the creator. Ashley, his young and ambitious protégée nodded in eager agreement.

“Sir….” she cooed in her soft British accent, “I have an idea if you’re willing to entertain it”. The creator, weary, nodded.

“Well, the humans have taken to categorizing their species by a symbolic color. White people aren’t really white, except of course for albinos, and black people aren’t actually black. Likewise, hispanic and asian as labels are far too general and misleading.” Ashley waited for a sign from the creator to continue. She got it.

“Ok then, I suggest we do a global delete on those labels from human society at large. We can agree later on a finite set of skin colors to serve as a descriptive attribute”, urged Ashley.

“Yes”, chirped the creator, now visibly engaged. Sounding eerily like Dumbledore, he volunteered, “I’ve always liked the Crayola crayon colors! Why don’t we use apricot, peach, maze, tan, raw sienna, red orange, red, chestnut, olive, tan, sepia, copper, light brown, brown and dark brown!”. His excitement was obvious.

“Uh… sure sir. That’s fine for now, but can we agree to discuss further?” asked Ashley treading lightly. With the self-accepting grin of an old mentor, the creator nodded. “Ok, thank you sir” continued Ashley.

“The humans will no longer check off whether someone is black, white and so on when filling out employment or government forms. No more media, entertainment and organizations catering to one label versus another; an entire erase of that mind-set”.

“I like it”, said the creator. “Anything else?”

“Yes sir”, replied Ashley. “And this is… a bit radical. It’s become clear to me as I observe the evolution of enlightenment amongst many and the decline into evil by some, that the old over-generalizations of good versus evil have become…. well, reality.”

“Go on”. The creator was now transfixed.

“Sir, I contest the species known as homosapien, or human being, is no longer relevant. We need a sub-classification to formally recognize the good versus the evil. I’m recommending that beneath the species of ‘human’ we add two ‘families’ – righteous and heartless, and that we ‘allow’, wink wink, the humans to stumble upon a genetic test that clearly identifies one from the other.”

“Hmmm, how would you define Righteous versus Heartless”, quizzed the creator.

“I see it in simple terms, sir”, offered Ashley. “The Righteous hold in sacred reverence the sanctity of life, freedom, and happiness of all living things, and they respect that they are equal with one another and can learn and benefit from one another. The Heartless are self-absorbed and self-serving with no regard for human or animal life. They hurt and kill liberally and without remorse, and their sole motivations are power and greed. They seek to control and rule over others”.

“Ok Ashley, I’m on board”, said the creator. “Why don’t you draft an implementation plan. We can review it when you’re ready.”

With humility, and righteousness, Ashley nodded, and smiled.

To be continued…